Rules Of Our Tennis School

1. Operation:

1.1 The school operates 12 months a year.

1.2 The school operates Monday to Friday, Weekends and holidays, from 9am to 11pm, except December 24, 25 and 31.

1.3 The precise schedule for August is determined each year in the summer.

2. Registration and Tuition Fees:

2.1 The process of joining the Tennis school includes:

  • A completed application form
  • Joining as a Membership or Non Member
  • Annual membership fee payment (only for joining member)
  • Monthly fees for any chosen lessons, etc.
  • Portuguese Tennis Federation fees.

2.2 Monthly fees must be paid by the 8th of each month.

2.3 Any withdrawal must be communicated to school prior to the 20th of the previous month, after which time, the student must pay the following month.

2.4 The lack of student attendance does not infer exemption from tuition fees.

2.5 The fees may be adjusted from time time according to inflation rates.

3. Weather Conditions:

3.1 Lessons cancelled due to rain or inclement weather will be compensated in full subject to the availability of the student.

3.2 It is the sole responsibility of the student to keep informed of their class dates and time.

4. Classes:

4.1 Classes have a duration of 1 hour.

4.2 Private Lessons and Drop In Lessons can be rescheduled by the coach with at least 24 hours advanced notice.

4.3 Group lessons, in case of one or more missing students (even with notice) are not entitled to compensation.

5. Students:

5.1 – Advantages:

  • Members have discounts for court rentals
  • Discounts in official tournaments
  • Discounts in club events

5.2 – Duties:

  • The student has a duty to contribute to the preservation and proper functioning of the school at all times.
  • Where necessary can and should report any misuse of the premises or school by others.



1.”Pedrosmash” School of Tennis operates its sporting activity in a professional nature, contributing to the support and development of the methods taught.

2. Obligations of every student:

2.1. Attendance to the all scheduled lessons and classes.  With this, we are able to achieve good progress and results;

2.2. Personal discipline in arriving on time for all lessons, both at the individual class level as a group;

2.3. The student is obliged to dress accordingly and ensure their equipment meets the minimum conditions for proper play and instruction;

2.4. The student agrees to pay their monthly fees by the 8th of each month;

2.5. In case of cancellation by a student who is a minor, the parent or guardian must issue the direction to the school, in writing, thirty days prior to cancellation;

3. Re-scheduled classes:  Classes will only be considered to be re-scheduled by advanced notice to the coach, or in case of illness.

4. Lessons & club activities can be stopped, or re-scheduled if they fall on regional or national holidays.

5. A student is considered “absent” if they arrive more than 15 minutes later than their previously scheduled lesson time.

6. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.

7. If necessary, the school can change the class in which the student is enrolled, upon communicating such intention 30 days prior.