The E.T.PedroSmash of Pedro Serra Guerreiro, an individual legal entity under private law, in this document called “E.T.PedroSmash of Pedro Serra Guerreiro” is responsible for the collection, processing and use of personal data in the context of its activity of promoting and directing the practice of tennis and related or associated modalities, namely in the registration of its members in tournaments, competitions, events, training, as well as in the operations of issuing financial documents inherent, mainly to transfers of values ​​referring to the annual quotas of affiliation of Effective and Eventual Associates, registration fees for the Official Calendar, Annual Fee for the FPT License (players, coaches, coaches, referees and officials) and any subsidies, donations, or any other extraordinary income.

This declaration free of authorization of informed consent, will be approved by signature.

E.T.PedroSmash of Pedro Serra Guerreiro attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and collects, processes and uses personal data exclusively in accordance with the following principles:

A. Collection of personal data

1. Contact details

The contact data collected by E.T.PedroSmash, including full name, NIF, Citizen Card number, e-mail address and telephone contact – through the completion of the registration form, aim at the preparation of a list of its associates, users, users tennis courts, supporters, sponsors and others, as well as to communicate and share information considered relevant within the scope of the promotion and dissemination of activities related to the practice of tennis and similar.
The collection of some categories of data is mandatory, others optional on the basis of the voluntary decision of the data subject.

Identification and contact details: name, date of birth or age, sex, nationality, address, telephone and fax number, e-mail address, literacy, language used, type, identification document, profession, work or study, type, student card number, photography, among others; as well as the data of the parents / guardians / guardians of minor, interdicted and disabled.

2. Activity data

Data collected as part of the activities carried out by E.T.PedroSmash, namely sounds and images (eg photography, recording, video), captured at events, tournaments, competitions and others.

3. Financial data

The bank account data of the respective natural and / or collective persons, in the case of the financial payment, such as the registration fees and the pecuniary premiums, among others.

4. Data for issuing invoices and receipts

Data are required for the issuance of receipts and invoices – name for billing, tax identification number (NIF) and full address (address, postal code and locality) – mainly in the following situations:

  • The payment of annual membership fees of actual and potential members;
  • The payment of participation in events and activities promoted solely or in partnership by E.T.PedroSmash;
  • The transfer of amounts related to premiums and supports;
  • The payment of services to employees of E.T.PedroSmash or by request to third parties;
  • Registration fee of evidence in the Official Calendar;
  • Annual fee for the FPT License (players, trainees, coaches, referees and officials), and
  • Any subsidies, donations, or any other extraordinary income received by E.T.PedroSmash.
  • Except in exceptional cases, the above data are also required via online form and / or via email to the members, participants and other entities involved.

5. Contact by the entity

The contacts made by E.T.PedroSmash may be made via e-mail (, by telephone contact (only in case of contact or effective contact via e-mail) or by mail to the address provided.

B. Access, management and transfer of personal data

1. Access and management of personal data

The access and management of the personal data collected may be made by the members of the Management of E.T.PedroSmash, by the secretary and by the accountant of the Management.

Management implies exclusively organization of the data and listing according to intended characteristics.

2. Data recipients

Recipients of data collected from E.T.PedroSmash and the entities to whom the data may be communicated upon request or with the prior consent of the data subject are recipients.

3. Transfer of personal data

There will be no unauthorised transfer of personal data to entities, institutions and organisations (among others), national or international.

4. Security

E.T.PedroSmash undertakes to take all appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data stored in our systems from loss, destruction, unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure.

5. Rights of holders

Data subjects shall enjoy, in accordance with the law, the rights of free access to the data provided, as well as the right to rectify, block or delete such data. The authorisations, given by the data subject, for the collection of data and use of data may be withdrawn at any time. For the exercise of the aforementioned rights, you must request the request, in writing, from E.T.PedroSmash Management.